Cofco-Shandong Vermicelli & Beans Imp/Exp.Co.,Ltd., a subsidiary company and also former Vermicelli Division of Ceroilfood Shandong Cereals and Oils Import and Export Company, specializes mainly in Longkou Vermicelli and bean products. The company (Cofco-Shandong ) has engaged in exporting “Pagoda' brand and 'Lungkow with Double Dragons Logo' Lungkow Vermicelli for more than 60 years , and has accumulatively exported more than 300,000.-metric tons in quantity; a total value of more than 500,000,000.-in U.S.dollars. Since 1952, Cofco-Shandong has already registered these brands in more than 50 countries and regions, and has been ranked in the top position in China for both total quantity and value of vermicelli exported. 'Pagoda' brand and 'Lungkow with Double Dragons Logo' are the most famous and traditional trademarks of Chinese Longkou Vermicelli, well-known as the “Vermicelli King”.
       In China Journal of Worldwide Famous Brands, 'Pagoda' brand and 'Lungkow with Double Dragons Logo' Lungkow Vermicelli, listed among the impressive, enjoying a good reputation home and abroad. In 1985, 'Pagoda' brand and 'Lungkow with Double Dragons Logo' Lungkow Vermicelli were awarded 'Golden Laurel' by International Cuisine and Tourism Committee of France in Paris. Starting from 1997, these brands were identified as a Famous Trademark of Shandong Provincefor 5 times (1997, 2001, 2004, 2008, 2013). And for  3 times (2006, 2008, 2011 ) starting from 2006, these brands were awarded “Famous Brand of Export to be Attended and Developed by Shandong ”.Except Swan Eggs Brand beans, we also deal with Happiness Brand Peanut oil, shortening and margarine oil products.